You have entered the portion of the website dedicated to the mundane.  Forgive us the need to mix a discussion of the joy of raising up children with the rather crass details surrounding tuition and application to our academy.  We do hope to keep this section to-the-point so we may suffer through quickly.

Tuition for 3-5 Year Olds

Full time          $1000 a month

Part time          Two day a week:   $800

                          Three day a week: $900

Tuition for 2 Year Olds

Full time          $1200 a month

Part time          Two day a week:   $900

                         Three day a week: $1000

Priority will be given to families seeking full time care.

academy hours and periods of rejuvenation for the teachers

Artenia Beast's Academy of Play and Whimsy is opened Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Artenia believes teachers need periods of regular rejuvenation to maintain their own jovial spirits and to explore the world with their own children, families, and dear friends. Toward that end, the academy is closed the following days and weeks: all state holidays, all Federal holidays, the week of Spring, the second Monday of October (Indigena People's Day), the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Thanksgiving week, and New Year's Eve. If a state holiday falls on the weekend, the preceding Friday is given as a holiday.

The Academy closes occasionally for professional development training for the teaching team.

In addition, the Academy closes for a two week Winter break and a one week Summer break. Dates are announced in advance. These extended periods are crucial for personal renewal and for the teachers to give attention to the space. Families pay regular tuition during months with breaks (as with all private school settings). This ensures our teachers are not deprived income during periods of rest.

The Academy of Play highly values the relationship of teacher and student, as well as the art of teaching. These periods of rest allow us to avoid the use of substitutes and maintain our level of loving, inspired teaching day to day.

How to Apply

1.       If Artenia Beast sounds like your cup of tea, please complete this form to be added to our wait list.

2.      Come for a Tour and a Proper Conversation

When an opening becomes available at the school, we will contact families at the top of our wait list for a tour. Parent(s) tour the school and have a proper conversation with the director. Children may attend the tour though parents may prefer to spare them the tedious adult talk on the theory and habits of our academy. We apologize for the lack of on-demand tours; however, this policy ensures our school community experiences fewer interruptions and the full attention of their teachers. The Academy of Play has also been quite full. Our wait list exceeds our best predictions of openings in the next 6 months so offering tours once openings come about allows us to connect with families without pulling staff from the good work of singing songs with the children and determining 437 techniques for applying paint. Siblings are weighted in priority on our wait list.

3.      Application and Registration Fee

 When the Director and family agree there is a strong philosophical fit, families can complete an application.  A nonrefundable application and enrollment fee of $175 is due with the application. This will secure your child's spot at the academy. The full month's tuition paid in full will be collected before the first day of school.

Tuition includes a proper morning and afternoon snack to keep spirits high.  Children staying through lunch shall bring a lunch from home that suits their preferences and any dietary needs.

4.  Required Forms

The State of California requires a range of forms prior to admission. The forms below can be found on the state licensing website here. Printing and completing these in advance helps expedite the process.


LIC 613: Personal Rights: Child Care Centers

LIC627: Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment: Required by the State of California

LIC700: Emergency Contacts: Required by State of California

LIC702: Preadmission Health History: Required by State of California

LIC701: Physician's Report: Required by State of California

LIC 995: Notice of Parents' Rights

LIC 9221: Consent to Medicate (for families with a child who may need medication administered such as a asthma inhaler or epi pen.

LIC 627: Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

Immunization Record: The State of California requires children to have the following immunizations prior to entering childcare:

  • DTaP: Four doses

  • Polio: Three doses

  • Hepatitis B: Three doses

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella: One dose after first birthday

  • Hemophilus Influenza type B: One dose after first birthday

  • Varicella (Chickenpox): One dose

  • TB Test results